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PS3 External HDD Issue

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I recently purchased a 3TB Seagate Expansion hdd and formatted it to FAT32 using Easeus Partition Master. I moved over a few .m2ts tv shows I had on an older Western Digital hdd that worked fine on the ps3. The ps3 recognized the Seagate and the files just fine, I hit the triangle button and selected Display All, then hit X to play the file; the screen went black for a split second as if it was going to play and then kicked me back to the ps3 dash. It just refuses to play.

I'm scratching my head wondering what's up...I changed the partition back and forth from primary to logical thinking that might have something to do with it but no luck. Did a little research but couldn't find anyone else with the same problem, most people just have a problem getting the ps3 to recognize the drive because its not formatted properly.

Any suggestions, besides going all Office Space on it?
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i) PS3 only supports a partition upto 2tb in size, wont recognize anythign larger
ii) PS3 doesnt support all codecs and formats.

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