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Ps3 no sound through receiver?

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Ok i have HDMI from ps3 to tv, then i have optical from ps3 to reciever. Im not getting any sound to my surround sound, if i turn my reciever off and use tv only i get sound through the tv speakers. Never had problem before. Oh, also if i hook up my Xbox360 exactly as described above the sound works perfectly through receiver surround sound. Bad optical port on ps3 or incorrect audio settings on ps3? Any thoughts?
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(settings > sound settings > audio output settings) then just select the cable you use for sound... if you use both hdmi and optical outputs you can select the "audio multi output" option its located in the same place take note that when this option is enabled the sound quality goes down on optical(LPCM 88.2/176.4 kHZ to LPCM 44.1/48 kHZ)... and other connections(hdmi/rca/scart) downsampled to stereo...

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