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This thread is going to be dedicated to AfterDawn Windows 8 videos on our YouTube channel. If you wish to comment you can start a new thread as this one will be closed to help ensure it stays organized.

If you look below you will see a variety of sections - well actually just one for now but give me a few days to get some more added. Each section (reply) will focus on some basic aspect of Windows 8. For example the first one (the next post in the thread) is where you will find everything to do with the Windows Start menu which I'm sure you already know is something you will actually have to add yourself.

At the bottom of this thread you will also find a sort of index in case you are looking for something more specific than a section. I do take requests so if there is anything (Windows 8 related of course) you would like to see a video for just start a new thread, preferably with a title something like this:
Video Request: Some feature or option in Windows 8

Make sure to check back since I will most likely respond to make sure I understand what you are looking for.


-- C --
Charms Bar - (Start Menu)
Classic Shell - (Start Menu)

-- M --
Modern UI - (Start Menu)

-- S --
Start8 - (Start Menu)
Start menu - (Start Menu)
Start Screen - (Start Menu)
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Start Menu

The Start menu has been removed from Windows 8 and its various features and options scattered throughout the Windows 8 UI, primarily ending up on the Start Screen and in other new interface elements like the Charms bar. The videos in this section will help you figure out where all the Start menu items went and even install and configure a replacement Start menu.

Exploring Windows 8: In search of the Start menu
This video demonstrates exactly where all the items which used to be on the Start menu have been moved to in Windows 8. This is a rather long video because there are a lot of things to find and they have really been scattered throughout the desktop, Modern UI, and Charms Bar.

Exploring Windows 8: Restoring the Start Menu Using Classic Shell
Exploring Windows 8: Classic Shell Advanced Start Menu Configuration
These 2 videos demonstrate how to add a Start menu using the popular free program Classic Shell. Classic Shell really is a fantastic and full featured Windows UI enhancement, and actually isn't even limited to the Start menu as it also includes enhancements for File Explorer and Internet Explorer 9/10. And of course it includes the standard options to turn off the touch-oriented controls, such as the Charms Bar and corner hotspots as well as skipping the Start Screen and going directly to the desktop when you login to Windows.

Classic Shell offers almost complete control over the Start menu. There is even a menu editor where you can add or remove just about any type of menu item you can think of. Best of all, despite all its options the interface is amazingly simple and straight forward and there are handy tooltips everywhere in case you are wondering what a particular setting does. If you are looking for a Windows 8 Start button this is the first one you should try. Chances are it will also be the last.

Exploring Windows 8: Restoring The Start Menu Using Start8
Exploring Windows 8: Configuring Start8 For A Touch Friendly Start Menu
Start8 is a payware Start menu replacement program which is, in almost ever conceivable way, inferior to Classic Shell. So why do we have a video for it? Actually these two videos were created for an article comparing Classic Shell and Start8, in part to demonstrate the clear superiority of Classic Shell and the fact that commercial and free or open source are poor predictors of quality.

Start8 is a solid progam. It's just that solid isn't really worth $5 when spectacular is free. If for some reason you simply must buy a payware Start menu program it's not a bad choice. Some alternatives are selling for $20 - $25. Or at least they're being offered for that price. I wouldn't assume many people are buying taking them up on it.

At any rate there is one interesting feature about Start8 and that's the option to use the Start Screen, or some portion thereof, as the Start menu. In other words you click on the Start button and the Start Screen appears on your desktop where the Start menu would be. If you have a tablet this _may_ make Start8 worth buying but I don't have one and I'm not sold on the Start Screen/Start menu idea yet. Definitely interesting but perhaps not at all useful.
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