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file sharing windows xp and windows 8

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I want to configure my xp computer and windows 8 computer on my network. I have files on an external drive that's connected to my xp computer and share with my windows 8 computer. I'm new to windows 8 and I have not been successful. Thanks.
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this any good i realize its win 7 it should be the same since win 8 is built from it

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These steps are required if you want to share file from window xp to window 8.

1 . Download Windows Easy Transfer
Download Windows Easy Transfer if you want to transfer files from Windows Xp to Windows 8.
2. Run Windows Easy Transfer in any one computer.
Select the Windows Easy Transfer .
Click Next to proceed.
This step is crucial . Choose Easy transfer cable option. Choose A network to transfer files .
In my case , as I have already told you earlier , I ran Windows Easy Transfer in my Windows 8 PC . So Click This is my New PC if you follow my steps.
In this step choose your Windows XP.
3 . Next Step , Installing Windows Easy Transfer On Your Old PC
Click Next to proceed.
This step is crucial , youll have to enter the code you see above on your Windows 8 PCs Easy Transfer which youll be ask to entered if you followed my steps correctly .
4 . Now Choose The Files You Want To Share ( Almost Finished )
Select the files , and make sure the file size by looking into the lower left pane of the window .
After the progress bar finishes , you have successfully transferred files from Windows XP To Windows 8.

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