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I have a problem with Windows 8

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I entered in to my computer with Windows 8 a Digital Copy of a Movie & it gave me a link to upgrade setting for Windows Media Player but when I goto hit upgrade it is grayed out & I don't know what to do now
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Does your WMP still work on your Win8 computer? Will it play the Digital Copy of the movie?

If so, you may have the latest version of WMP with no need to upgrade.

Go to the Microsoft web site and check out the various versions of WMP to see if you need anything at all.
well I can't get to the part where it will put the digtal copy on my computer because it goes to the upgrade screen before I can put the code in & I seen other people have the same problem also
If others are having the same problem, it might be best to approach this matter thru the MS people. At least try to contact them. Check their Forums and FAQs.
i did look though the pages & i even contacted there customer support & they said they could not help me unless i pay 99 dollars & i don't have that to give them & i have tried different steps & nothing helped at all so i am still stuck can't upgrade the security component for windows media player to copy the digtal copy

Here is a link thru MS that I found for upgrading the security component for wmp. Take it to your device and follow the prompts. If it works post results for others to find and use.

Hope it helps (I do not use Win 8, so do not know).
I went to that link & the upgrade button is grayed out & I don't know what to do about that
Here is the link to my Google search.

See if anything looks promising to you. I am out of ideas unless the search terms are changed. Maybe Google with turn something up.

One other thought. Look at DVDFab. I think it has features to convert your original disc to a digital format for use on various devices. Might be an easier path.
i can answer that question!!!

is it a OEM copy or a Store bought copy...


microsoft upgraded the windows store to windows 8.1 if you don't have windows 8.1 installed you cannot install the component it will be grayed out on the machine!!!

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