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Programs remain on Computer after Win 8 install?

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I would like to install Windows 8, but I would like to know if I will lose everything I have on computer now. Will Win.8 just take the place of Win 7 or will it remove all the programs I already have on my computer now?
I'd rather not have to re-install everything.
Also, will Win. 8 effect other things on computer, like, for example, sound?
I know I sound stupid, but I don't want to take the chance of installing Win 8, if it will remove everything, or will make it so my sound, or something else, doesn't work.
Can anyone help me with these answers?
Thank you
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If you are just upgrading to Windows 8 it shouldn't affect any of the files that you already have on your computer.If you do a clean install and format the computer then it will delete everything that you have on it.

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Create a backup system image using easeus todo backup (the free version)then it won't matter what happens be sure to include your recovery partition if there is one,just make sure you place the backup on an external at some point before upgrading

As for upgrading tech articles all say the same thing fresh install is best,other option why not just set it up in dual boot then you'll have win 7 or 8 to choose from

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How do I set up my computer for a dual boot, with windows 7 or windows 8 to choose from. I think I like that idea.
Also, thank you to the people who replied on this thread.
Thank you

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once you get both installed if either of them isnt showing up in the boot menu i suggest installing a nice little program called EasyBCD you can easily add any os to the boot menu if one steals it from the other during installation. so you dont have to find your OS install disc and repairing the MBR.
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A large part of the legacy application does not work Windows 8. Win8 cent must not be xp-mode. In fact I have to buy the software more than what you paid for the computer. Or what , so now I use two computers side by side.
Here are some examples:
- Mm. WSOY Finnish-English-Finnish Dictionary does not install
- Ectaco programs do not work
- AllShare does not work, it messes up your whole computer
- Norman Security Suite does not work with the exception of the most recent version

In addition, Win 8 crashes on a daily basis, what does XP has almost never happened.

So my recommendation is: do not upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, if you have major programs in the XP world. If this experience, it would be possible, then return the entire machine as inappropriate, since most of the programs are important to me may not win 8 environment.

I hope that, Microsoft will do the same kind of XP-mode than the one that was reportedly in use Win 7 in???

Otherwise, the interface itself is successful and effective.

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I would suggest your first do a compatability test and see what it does to your machine once it upgrades to windows 8.
Some programs will have problems working on windows 8 (while you also might have to reinstall drives and such for windows 8).
I ran one for mine and there was too much crap to do so I'm staying put with Windows 7.
I have it working to how I want it and not going to upgrade to 8 just to go back to dealing with problems of compatability.

Anyways run this and see what it says.
I don't know but you can create a backup
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