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OpenOffice updated to version 3.2

news article released on:, the powerful, free productivity suite, has updated today to version 3.2, adding a plethora of new features, and fixes. Although I will not go into all the new features, OpenOffice has a bountiful page with all the updates. You can view that here: 3.2 New Features. To download OpenOffice for the first time, or to update, please download it here: ...

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I REALLY! hate the vibrant popup, Especially when it pops up for just rolling past the keyword
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i suggest you get firefox and the noscript and/or adblock plus add-ons. I never new the ads existed until I accessed afterdawn using chrome a few weeks ago. i have sense stopped using chrome for here >.>
Ironically, there's one in your post and I'm in the same position as you Ryoohki. I didn't notice til a couple days ago on Chrome because I was using Firefox all the time. Back to that I suppose :) It wouldn't be such a problem but sometimes I use my mouse to scan over what I'm reading then it just pops up and blocks text. It would be one thing if the ads were out the way and relevant, but they are neither.

On topic.. I wonder if they'll ever change the UI of this program. Looks like Word 2002/XP.
Good. I will do the compiling soon (Gentoo).
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