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DVD+R recording of streaming media player will NOT finalize

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SONY SMP-N200 is my "network media player"I bought for its COMPONET video RGB outputs,I have 3 Standalone DVD recorders that have COMPONET inputs,Recording made this way from the media player cannot be finalized,even when copied to another DVD+R. 2 otherdifferent models of DVD recorders tried but filed to finalize it also, on the screen of the 1st recorder the word or option to finalize NEVER appears on the screen to select. Any ideas people im stumped(no computers
involved here at all, none )
thanks Mike
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Does it do the same with DVD-R.

Try the hardware forum at VideoHelp.
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no this DVD recorder will not accept DVD-R only +R.. thanks
2 otherdifferent models of DVD recorders tried but filed to finalize it also,

AFAIK the disk has to be finalized on the machine that recorded it.
I've used ISOBuster to recover recorded files from a disk - but that would be a pain on a regular basis.
I also have Isobuster but I've never been able to understand how to use the software, I've noticed that one of my 3 DVD recorders can recognize a DVD+R that I recorded on one of the three machines.
This is how I do it (except I save as .iso instead of .tao).
Note the file size and assume that anything MB size is video, anything KB isn't.
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