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Windows 7,Nero 7,Ashampoo 9,burning avi files,no audio

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Just did a fresh install of Wondows 7 Pro 32 bit.Now when I try to burn avi movies to dvd, I have a problem. The video is flawless,but it has no sound.I have tried Nero 7 Ultra, Ashamppo buning studio 9, and even the windows burning program that came with the OS.My burner is a Lite-On LH-20A1H. It has rhe current firmware and driver. The movies play fine on the computer. I have used three fifferent brands of discs. I can copy a movie using DVD Clone, and the audio is fine.I'm about to lose my mind!!!
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I take it that you are authoring DVD movies from avi files?

The movies play fine on the computer.
Is that the source avi or the burned disks?

When the burned disk is played on a standalone player, is there audio?
I'm using the nero and ashampoo to re-encode the avi files to be burned to a dvd so they will play on a stand alone player.When I play the burned project on a stand alone player,these is no audio. When I play the movie on the computer it is from the source file,not the disc, and the audio works fine.Sorry I did not explain well from the first post. Thanks for trying to help!
From the VIDEO_TS folder, drag VTS_01_1.VOB onto MediaInfo and verify that an audio track is listed - expect it to be AC3.

I'm at work now, but as soon as I get home I'll take a look. Thanks!

I ran the mediainfo program, and my screen shot looks just like yours. The audio is AC3. If I could figure out how to use the snip tool, I would have included the shot.
Try playing the DVD file folder (or the DVD disk) using VLC.
If the audio is present, VLC has internal filters (by-passing any of the installed codecs) that should play the audio.
It would seem strange that the disk cannot play in the PC or the standalone unless the audio is defective.
Does Mediainfo indicate that the audio is 48KHz.
Played file folder using VLC (thanks for the link), and it played fine. Same as when I used windows media player. The audio works. The video specs are, 448 kbps,48 KHz,6 channels, AC-3.
If you open the disk, drag VTS_01_1.VOB off the disk, onto the desktop, will MediaInfo show the audio and will VLC play it?
Mediainfo does not show any audio, and VLC will play the video, but it has no audio.
The output folders on the HDD - from the authoring program - contain valid audio, but it's not getting onto the disk???

The only thing (I have)left is try burning a folder to the disk using ImgBurn.

'Write Files/folders to disc' then drag the folder onto the window and burn.
will this burn a disc that will play on a stand alone player?
It should.
I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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