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Hi There,

A friend recommended this site to me, so I thought I'd create an account and give it a shot :)
I've had a look at all the available forums and this seemed to be the most relevant. If there's a more suitable place, please let me know and I'll re-post it there.

My issue is this: I have a sound recording of a tribunal hearing that I was involved in a few weeks ago...just to make it clear the sound recording was provided to me by the Tribunal itself and I have been given permission to do with it as I wish.

The problem is, the quality of the recording isn't great; there's a lot of background noise (hum / hissing) and it's often hard to make out what myself and the other participants are saying.

I'd like some assistance in cleaning the audio up, if at all possible. I've done some google searches but have come up empty in terms of finding people or businesses that may work in this sort of field.

Any suggestions on where to go to get the recording cleaned up / enhanced? Are there any D.I.Y solutions by chance?


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Download and run Audacity.
Click Edit > Preferences > Libraries.
Download both libraries.
Load the audio.
Either click Effects > Noise removal and hope or the best or select a sample clip, save it and post it at this link.
Note that if the content is sensitive and you can't make it public, you can't expect much.
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You can also try this program I believe it is good for a 30 day trial period.I use it myself and it seems to work very good.

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Those are your best bets. Unless you are working for a government run intelligence operation your fixes are very limited. Enhancing audio is far harder than photos.
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