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Hello again. I need some expert help. I have a dvd movie that I copied from my original and it has a great soundtrack. I would like to remove the soundtrack only from the movie and burn it to a disk or some other medium. I have searched this out and tried different suggestions from the net but can't seem to make anything work. I am hoping someone on these forums would have a good suggestion as to what software program I could use and how to go about ripping off just the audio track. Any help or suggestions are welcome. I'm stuck. Thanks
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To simply demux the audio from the video use PgcDemux.
Select the .IFO corresponding to the Title (usually the running time or the number of cells/chapters is the clue) and all of the audio streams will be saved to separate AC3 or DTS files.

Then you convert the stream you want to mp3 or whatever.
I use Pazera Free Audio Extractor.

If your more ambitious you can use the old DVD Decrypter (not DVD Fab) to extract the audio from the disk by chapter.
The chapters can then be processed by Pazera individually instead of one large file.

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Thanks, looks fairly easy, I'll give it a try. Knew I came to the right place.
I never knew that about DVD Decrypter!
Handy if you only want selected chapters or streams from the chapters.
'Mode' > 'Ifo' then 'File Splitting' > 'By Chapter'.
Click 'Stream Processing' tab and select the streams required.

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