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Burning CD's to play in older car..late '90's

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Time to play stump the Mods. I have spent 3 days trying to burn one doggone CD that will play in my '97 Olds Aurora. I'm 90% sure it's a Delco stock CD/tape player and I've tried all the conventional wisdom on this (I'm no amateur to ripping, converting and burning) First I burned an MP3 disc, should have known that wouldn't play, then I converted the songs from MP3 to WMA, ripped and burned it slow enough, think I went down to 4X even. Yes, I chose Audio CD. I use quality discs, the laser isn't dirty as it plays even scratched commercial discs easily, it's not copyright-protected material either. I get an error message E-20 or E-23 when I play them back. I've burned 4 coasters already, can anyone help me figure this out? I've scoured the site and the web, checked out vids, no suggestions given that I didn't already know to do. I'm using Nero 10 for the job by the way, I haven't tried Windows Media Player etc
Thanks so much gang

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i use cdburnerxp to make audio cds (using the audio option).I have seen a couple of home sterios from the 90s that flat out refuse to play any copied cds.Never had a problem with car sterios.

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I've seen a lot of Chrysler vehicles that wouldn't play them either.
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OK this first thing you need to figure out is your CD player supposed to play what you burn. It may only play audio CDs. You have done that. Good for you! Next your car is old enough that it may not play burned CDs. They are less reflective than the pressed foil CDs. They require a more powerful laser. Most 97s should have a player that can read burned CDs but maybe yours does not.

Try Media Monkey. I suggest using the link in the top sticky to get it. The official site makes you do lots of crap for a free copy.

Burn and audio CD using a Verbatim blank at 2x if you can use that speed or pick the slowest you can pick. That is your best shot for a weak CD player. Then you will need to buy a new CD player if you want to play burned CDs in the car. Pay a few bucks more for an input jack so you can play from an MP3 player or cell phone.
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