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"Capturing" music from Spotify?

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It used to be that Spotify had a Web player that allowed you to (using additional add-ons) go into your browser's cache and pull out audio files that were downloaded for offline use.
They seem to have gotten rid of the Web player. Now, you download playlists for offline listening. I'm not sure how that all works, but if I'm not connected to the Internet and I can still play the songs I downloaded, then those songs have to be somewhere on my computer, right? I'm hoping there's a way that I can turn them into mp3s or something similar.

You can do something similar with Xbox Music Pass, but Spotify is the only subscription service I've found that provides 320 bitrate songs.

Can anyone help?
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You can ALWAYS use audacity and use your sound card as an input. Doing that anything you play on your computer can be captured no matter the source.
There is a very helpful little gadget from Dojotech that captures it, splits it into individual mp3 files automatically as well as names it automatically according to your criteria. Just search for dojotech and spotify in one of the usual places. I used it only a couple of days ago.

I'd get a premium subscription to Spotify first though, if I were you. So you get 320 kbps and not just 192.
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