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I need info here. I have always used WMP9 because, one it is a part of XP, and two I like its simplicity as opposed to 10,11,and 12. I found out the hard way that unlike WMP "CLASSIC"(6.4) NO codecs are built into the player. After months of searching I found I started with version 7.8 not knowing if it would work. Surprise! then 7.9 up to 7.9.5. Anything beyond that did NOT work. Back to square one. EVERY site that advertised 7.8 attempted to download version 8. Classic "BAIT AND SWITCH" for software downloads! Out of desperation I searched by version number alone. That brought me to KLITE. The site I used did not include a version number, only that it was gauranteed to work with P9. I have heard that lie before. Surprise again! It turned out this was version 9.9.5. Also in the dialog boxes there was a choice to use the pack with either 6.4 or P9 or both. I selected both although 6.4 has NEVER needed codecs. Now both players play both copy protected AND copy writed discs. I added "DVD43" to P9 for the copy write issue. This begs the question why is COLE 7.8 not available, and what KLITE packs work with P9? In the past NO KLITE pack worked with P9. Why does this stuff have to be so complicated?
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its not.vlc.
Windows media player sucks.I only use VLC 2.0.7 which is the latest version.

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moved to correct forum due to poster's blindness as not a "dvd/blu-ray drives" issue.
ddp probably audio would have been a closer fit.

JST although I agree that WMP stinks it is a free world and what we like is subjective. Your post might have been more diplomatiic. VLC is also very simple to use and is the mainstream choice for those that value simplicity over functionality. What I mean by that is VLC works fine so it is functional but lacks the functions I want in a player. I do use VLC for just playing an audio from file explored because it loads fast. I have several players including WMP on my computer.
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