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converting a mp3 cd so i can play it in the car

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I have this great CD, however all of the songs are in mp3 format, so I can not play the cd in my there a way to convert these songs from mp3s to a format that can be burned back down to a cd that my car radio will play??? and the cd i have is 135 mp3 songs, will i be able to keep all of the songs on one cd under the new format??

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well you can convert the mp3s to audio but you will be lucky to fit 20tracks on a cd.there is a thing that you can plug into your cigarette lighter that will play mp3s off a usb stick or an ipod through your sterio or you can always upgrade your sterio to one that plays mp3s.I don't know where you are but im in australia and here you can buy a cd/mp3 player for your car for $99.

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Any media burning program like I-Tunes, Nero, Media Monkey, Windows Media Player will do the job of converting your MP3's to an audio disk, However, the bad news, you won't be able to fit all of the songs onto one disk. You will be able to fit about 80 minutes, maybe a minute or two longer if your burner can support overburning, but with an audio CD format, you are limited to the 80 minute play limit. Depending upon your car, you may want to consider a new MP3 capable CD player, or an IPOD type audio device.
The quickest, dirty way to play an MP3 disk in an older car with a cassette tape player/Cd player, buy a $30.00 or so portable CD Player with a car kit and voila, instant MP3 disks again. I used one in my 1992 Ford Probe years ago and it worked just fine. Now I have a 6 disk MP3 player in my Fusion, even more fun.
Hope that this helps.

I have all of these programs on my computer, but when I try to do it it asks me what format i want to go to....I just dont know....and with Windows Media Player, it wont allow me to convert...the convert button is not highlighted so I can access it. Which format do I wanna use, (WAV, WMA, etc)can you provide me with some simple instructions so I can try this with my Nero...or with Itunes.

NO format, other than audio format. You are in the wrong place. If it is asking for a format you have answered a previous question wrong. Again this may be because you have selected too many files to fit on an audio CD.

I also suggest you go a different route as suggested before. All are the best solutions.

Try copying 18 tunes to your hard disk and try burning those to the disk. Your car CD player may not even read your burned CD. It has to be made to read burned CDs for that to work.
Most car CD players will read CR-R disks, some may not read disks burned at a higher rate say above 24X. Very few players will read CR-RW disks, (Different oxide and burning strategy).
In Nero, use Nero StartSmart, select audio CD (Nero Express) and follow the step by step in the wizard.
another guide to show you how to burn an audio CD.

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