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DVD Flick and mp4 files.

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I have a problem with mp4 files in DVD Flick. When I try to import them into DVD Flick I get the following error message:

Cannot add audio track 2 from (directory\filename.mp4. It needs to be resampled
but has more than 2 channels, which is not yet possible with input using morre
than 2 channels. The audio source will not be loaded.

It will then import the video, but not the audio track. I am at a complete loss as to what to do now.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Ed Wood
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I have never used DVD Flick but I can guess the mp4 information is not compatible with DVD Flick and maybe with a normal DVD. You might want to see if you can find a HD/Blueray DVD Flick and see if that works.
Well it pretty much is saying it doesn't support multi channel i.e 5:1 so downmix it to mp3 or AAC is what i'm reading if thats the case don't bother with the 2nd audio stream as you have the mp4 already even as a backup i'm wondering why bother turning it into a dvd ,use mediainfo lite on the mp4 it will tell you what the audio bitrates are (mediainfo is also part of klite or media player classic if you selected it on install)any audio of 320 or above will sound alright on a house setup anything below that not quite so good

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Scorp, I think the poster wanted to play the mp4 in a DVD player. As usual, the poster only gave the problem and not the end intent. That makes it hard to provide an alternate solution since the original concept was deeply flawed.

What I am trying to do is build a library of old TV Classic shows on DVD. In this case, it is the Ironside series staring Raymond Burr. All of the seasons in the series that I have are .avi files which DVD Flick imports without a problem. However, the 1st season files that I have are mp4/WMV files, which DVD Flick drops the audio, and I get a silent DVD.

I can run the files through a converter program to convert them to .avi format, but then I would wind up with a 2nd generation copy with degraded video I think.

Since DVD Flick has been out of production for several years, the HD Blueray DVD Flick version probably is not available. However I will search for that.

Thanks for your response.

Happy New Year,
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Ed Wood
It might not be Blueray but it is probably at least surround sound. Now that I know your 'bottom line', you might want to shop for a home theater device that will read your file and port it to a TV. The best have several different types of output ports and have a USB and a network in ports as well as an internal HD or a connection for an internal HD and can play dozens of different file formats. You load what you want to see onto the internal HD for a buffer. They run 50 - 100 USDs. This will take care of all your viewing needs into the foreseeable future. Most of what my kids watch comes from the internet not cable. With HDs coming down to almost 100 USDs for a 2T why bother converting them? The chances are, you will be losing some data in the conversion so why convert?
i'd say open the files in avidemux and change the audio type.i also dont find much difference in video quality from mp4 to avi.

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Originally posted by xboxdvl2:
i'd say open the files in avidemux and change the audio type.i also dont find much difference in video quality from mp4 to avi.
The main difference between an MP4 and an AVI that I noticed was the MP4 was a little smaller in size than an AVI file.

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Hey all,

I fould a workable solution in converting the files using a program called:

DDVideo AVI Mpeg Converter Gain by Day Day Video Corp.

It allowed me to convert the mp4 files with 5.1 surround sound back to an mp4 file with 2 channel stereo. That way I get the high video quality of an mp4 file with acceptable stereo audio.

As to interenet tv, I too have Roku, and watch a lot of things on the streaming video channels. Dish, DirecTv, Cable, and OTA television is getting worse all of the time and not much worth watching any more. Even though I don't have any children at home, I personally do not want all that "trash" filling my mind on so-called today's entertainment.

Thanks, guys, for all of your suggestions.

Have a great week!

Ed Wood
Ed, thanks for posting your solution. Most do not bother.
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