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Hook an ipod up to old stereo receiver

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Hello all,

I recently moved into a furnished apartment and it came with a Bose surround sound system hooked up to a Pioneer VSX - D412 receiver. I am extremely naive when it comes to stereo systems, but I would like to use it with my iPod/ iMac. I tried hooking it up via an RCA cable to the CD input but it only comes out one speaker. I know the speakers are hooked up properly, however, as all 5 work with the radio. I was wondering if there is a better way to do this, or if my receiver is too old. Please don't suggest that I buy a new receiver as I don't have a lot of $ right now, nor will I be here long enough to make it worth it. Any other help would be appreciated though.

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so cd player plays cd in stereo or just from 1 speaker

switch cable around if it only comes out one side when cd hooked up,if sound still comes out the same side then your receiver is faulty on that one channel

if cd is ok out both channels then whatever it is your using for the other end of the rca's will be the problem are you sure it's not a mono 3.5mm jack if it's mono there will only be what appears to be 1 black ring a stereo type will have two,you can see that on the ipods earphone unless it use some proprietary crap

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You will probably need a stereo cable that looks like the one in the link below.

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thats the one notice the jack has two black rings or correct term would be insulation

edit: that was supposed to be 2.5mm not 3.5mm in my first post
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