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I need a free MP3 splitter that allows me to modify or change ID3 tags.

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I have a couple large MP3 files that I would like to put onto my iPod. when I split them with most programs, my iPod does not put them in the proper order and if I try to change the names to name changes are not recognized by my iPod.

To remedy this I believe I need some sort of splitting program that will allow me to change the ID3 tags. Is this correct.

Can anyone recommend a program that will do what I need?

Thanks in advance.
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Well asked!

Medieval makes a free splitter. It requires a cue file. The cue file will contain the tag data. I would make the file name and title the same starting with a number 01 etc. A playlist will fix the sequencing of tunes. That is far more direct and simple than playing with tags trying to figure out how the player will sort them. That is the only way I listen to audio books. I use Media Monkey to make the play list. From file explorer I highlight the files in the book book, right click to play in MM, highlight them again in the now playing window, right click and send to playlist->new. I review the play list to make sure they are in the proper sequence then sync the playlist to the player, by rightclicking and sending it to the player. You only see the send to played if it is attached. If they are not in the right order they can be dragged to the right place. I find this intuitive and faster than editing 50 tags which would be very tedious. The list and files will be synced. MM will sync to just about anything.

If your player doesn't support playlists, I just picked up an 8g Sansa View for about 30 USDs that included a 2 yr warantee. They are not the best for audio books since the FF and reverse are slow but you can't beat the price and the display and battery life are great!
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Thanks a lot. It sounds like exactly what I need and fairly simple which is always good. Last night I tried an audio book that came broken down into the original tracks and for some reason my stupid iPod (which I believe to be the latest generation so, I believe it should support playlists) started playing them in random order. So hopefully with what you told me I will be able to fix it.

Thanks again.
Make sure that you are not set to randomize playlists. I fully recommend uninstalling itunes before trying to sync with MM. itunes may attack your ipod and it will look like it was MM that screwed it up. itunes checks to make sure the sync time it has matches what the ipod has. If they are different, you get the message that your ipod may be corrupt and that it will try to fix the problem. Then it attacks the ipod with a vengance and probably reports the event to Apple. I would opt only to remove the app not the files. If you change your mind, you can reinstall and start where you left off. There are many dark issue with itunes. Plus itunes stores your added data where it can't be used by any other app. MM added ratings etc to the audio files so they are yours not MM's.
One last thing, ipods are the best player I have used for audio books. Or at least my very old version (4-5 yrs) of itunes on my ipod. The easy access to alter the time index that is a pain for music but is a must have for something you might want to rewind. I take very opportunity to bash Apple but here they did something right.
One last thing, ipods are the best player I have used for audio books. Or at least my very old version (4-5 yrs) of itunes on my ipod. The easy access to alter the time index that is a pain for music but is a must have for something you might want to rewind. I take very opportunity to bash Apple but here they did something right.
I know it's been a while but I never did say thank you. Thanks for the help it came in handy once again. A great solution to a problem that I have over and over and over.
Well that is a first!

Your welcome!

I am guessing the big files are books or pod casts. Did you know you can book mark them? Maybe you do not have to chop them up. To book mark they need to be marked audio book or podcast as the genre before you have the option and your itunes needs to be late enough that it supports this but that is an old feature. I usually aggregate and rarely chop.
A first for what?

I did know that you can bookmark certain things but I thought that was only for certain formats of audiobooks from audible. What is the easiest way to change that genre using iTunes. I have fiddled around with it a little bit before but I was never able to get it.

To be honest for the most part I hate iTunes. For starters you can't drag your mouse through several files you want to select, not just drives me up a wall and down the other side. Although I have an iPod it was a Christmas gift, I am not a big fan of Apple.

Other related note to the conversation we were having above. It was pretty easy to get my new audiobook in proper order and the playlist using iTunes.

I imported the CD with iTunes. Then I used to drag and drop to put the files onto a playlist. Although, they did not all go on in order I think the last two or three were out of order. But all in all it was a pretty painless endeavor as much as it hurts me to say it this time Apple was more useful than the other programs. This
I wouldn't know how to change genres in itunes. I only used the computer version for a few months. I complained about it on this forum and I was provided the names of several competent audio organizers. For any of them you just edit the data. Only Apple would feel users shouldn't be allowed to edit a genre. Labels way too often screw up the genre because they don't really care. Of course it might be the mistake of who ever made the music database. It ought to be what the label stated on the copyright but maybe they screwed up. For instance the band considers them selves Death Metal on their web site but their CD say the genre is pop. On their next album the genre may be something else. I like keeping the band in the same genre unless they actually made a change. With any decent audio manager you can highlight all their tunes and bulk edit. I like to keep the band names consistent as well. itunes sorts by artist, album, track but that is common sense. Still, they may have been the first to implement that. They really shouldn't be out of order. I really do not think Apple could screw that up. I bet if you check they will be in the right order.
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