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Is this possible?

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I have a few audio tracks that has a long fade-out at the end.
Is there a software out there that can remove this fade out so the track is complete with constant sound level?
Is this even possible....or will there be to much hiss as the end is at a very low volume?
Any help appriciated.
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You can probably use Audacity to accomplish what you want to do.

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Yes, you can use Audacity. You'll need the lame mp3 encoder plugin to export your cut version as mp3.

Thanks but I have tried Audacity but it didnt work for my purpose.
Problem is when the source is so close to silence at the end.
Ah I didn't read your post properly.

It probably won't sound very good but you use 'Amplify' in Audacity to boost the db of the faded section. Otherwise not possible AFAIK.

If you only need to use the program for the few tracks that you have then you can probably use this program.It is free for 30 days if I'm not mistaken.I have been using most of their products for about 10 years now.There are other programs that may also serve your purpose.Like the Acoustica MP3 CD burner.

20 Year U.S.Army Veteran.Vietnam 1969-1972 101st Abn.Div.
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