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mpeg format issue

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When i clean up audio files the file ends up being an mpeg file..i add the file to my pc with nero and then use magix to to clean up the file..Wheni finish with magix the
file is saved to mpeg format instead of mp3 format which is what i wanted..when i rip a
commercial cd the files are saved as mp3 format but not from cds made from my collect-
tion.What can i do?

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Use different software. Try not using magix, I suspect when it cleans up it is really converting it to an mpeg there is nothing to clean up in an audio file. If that does not work, try burning with Media Monkey.
hi media monkey?ok thanks,,ill try it..
can this media momnkey clean audio files and be used as a way to record records into the computer?

The meaning of 'cleaning' escapes me. I know of a tool that can remove a corrupted frame from an mp3. A corrupted frame can prevent the file from being played. I do not know of what you mean record records. MM can rip CDs to what ever format. As far as vinyl, I use audacity to capture or digitize the analogy sound. I personally use EAC or dbPowerAmp to rip but MM and foobar should also give you perfect rips or warn you that that did not occur. You can't get better than perfect. Still, I prefer to use software perfected 10 yrs ago. Any slight imperfection has been ironed out since then. I really distrust Nero. It and its suite of apps tend to be marginal. There have been more queries about Nero on this forum than any other software. There are freeware substitutes that have never had a complaint vs hundreds of problems with Nero in that same period of time.
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