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Remove one audio channel from a DVD?

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I have a DVD image of a film that has two audio channels.

I would like to remove one of the channels (the one that is currently default), and for only the other channel to remain as the sole audio channel (it's a different language).

The image consists only of a video_ts folder, filled with the usual files.

Can this be accomplished and where do I start?
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has two audio channels.
Do you mean it's stereo and the left and right channels have different audio or do you mean it has two streams - each different?
If it's two different streams, then you can use DVD Shrink to open the files and uncheck the stream you don't want, then save to a new folder.
a guide for dvdshrink in guides section,underlined link at top of page

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Console Mod Tuts:

Thanks for the responses! I am not really sure what I want to do precisely -- it's the first time I'm trying anything like this.

The DVD consists of a video_ts folder and its files.

It has two audio streams: One for the original language of the film, and one where somebody has added a Russian dub, (you know that style where you hear the original sound and then somebody jut speaks on top of it).

When I start the film in VLC player, it starts with the Russian dub.
I have to select the other language from the Audio menu to get that, and it seems to be called "channel".

I want to remove that amateur Russian dubbed track and I think this person who made the dubbing added it to the DVD himself, so it ought to be possible to just undo what he did.

(I've got nothing against the Russian dub and it's cool that he added it to help people enjoy the film, but I don't want it on this particular DVD that I am making. I'll add subtitles as an option instead, including Russian).

There are no other copies of this film available online, or I wouldn't bother with all this... !
I have looked high and low... The film is not available for sale either.

Edit: I am trying DVDShrink now, to see if it works... !
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If it's the case where you can select the audio you need by switching to the other channel (left or right of a stereo stream) then you can probably fix it by demuxing the audio from the the video then adjusting the audio in the likes of Audacity, then remuxing the audio back to the video to create a new DVD.
It's reasonably simple if you follow the correct steps.

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