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VLC 2.0.5 Audio files for ripping

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Hi all...bear with me!

I was doing a search on the topic listed in the subject above and came upon an old thread on the same subject. A person had a problem ripping CD audio tracks using the newer version of VLC Media Player. The discussion went back and forth until the person requesting help went to an older version. FRANKLY, the original problem was never answered, "How can I rip into mp3 file extension. Eventually the thread ws closed and this SUCKS! The reason is that person like myself are trying to learn and we end up in these forems that go NOWHERE. Here is the original thread...
The newer version of VLC DOES rip to the mp3 file system and some moderator on this forum should have at least added a correction to that fact or left it open for future editing. Here is how! WHEN ASKED FOR A FILE NAME TO SAVE THE TRACK TO "ADD AN EXTENSION .MP3 TO THE FILENAME". Walla!!!
PS: This forum needs some work...
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Eventually the thread ws closed and this SUCKS!
It's still open - it's just waiting to be resurrected.

Yeah and that's like a 90 year old man waiting to have an erection.Which ever comes first!
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I would suggest using one of the top rippers but suit your self.
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