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Want 2Rip Multiple CDs into ONE .mp3 File ONLY

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I have been ripping audio books CDs into mp3 files for a number of years now.
I use the software Easy CD-DA Extractor 12 to read the audio book CDs and then convert the tracks on the CD audio book into one single file. Great.

But there is one downside. If I upload these newly created mp3 file into iTunes and then sync them to my iPhone or iPod, instead of all the mp3 files ONLY showing up under the book title when I click on it from the main ALBUM screen, what actually happens is that each disc appears on the main ALBUM list as if each one represented an audio book instead of tracks from one audio book only. Now, the discs are number so it is not an issue with playing the audio book, but I would prefer that each disc ONLY show up if I click on the book title.

In theory, after ripping all the book CDs into, let's say 10 single mp3 files representing the 10 discs, I could then take all 10 mp3 files and then merge them all together so that I have one file that represents all of the tracks of the audio book.

But this method I do not favor. There must be an easier way to either have the CD tracks only appearing when you click on the ALBUM on the iPod; or, perhaps, one large mp3 file that includes all the discs from the audio book. I would prefer to have the individual CDs appearing when you click on the book title but I do not know how to make this happen with either my iPhone/iPod.

I do not mind buying software that will facilitate this process though I am just as open to free software as long as it does not complicate the issue more than a program that I could buy.

Feed back is appreciated. Thanks.
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Most probably something to do with the metadata on each ripped disc i suspect you need to change it somehow to input the title so it appears as such when in title's screen on the mp3 player,just changing an mp3's file name won't do it,when ripping your ripper software reads the disc it also reads the extra info on it as to what track number,it's length ,band name etc this is the metadata i speak of,not sure if you can change a setting in the rip software to make it less tedious & be able to select title number or name only,you won't need to buy any software there's numerous freebies that should be able to do the job..other than that i can't help much but should give you an idea of why shits happening,failing that maybe the folks at videohelp can sort it

mp3tag-should be able to read the metadata..installer

mp3splt-gtk.....never used it tho its in my audio coding list-appears to be able to read tags & set custom output of file names...installer a free ripper converter..portable


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It is how you tag the files. The book = album and the CDs = tracks.
One last thing...
I don't think you can make a 20 hr mp3. Memory of Light was more than twice that. I can't even make an 8 hr one. Maybe it is my codex. I cut all my audio books into hr tracks which is about 1 CD. I compress audio books down to 40 BR. They can compress much more but I use LAME codex which is great for HiFi but sucks with LoFi. Below 40 it breaks up. My audible audio books come at about 16 BR but the codex they use is LoFi. aac does better LoFi but mp3s play on everything. Still, with 40 BR you can fit about 20 hrs on a mp3 CD.
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