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WMP 12 playlist to iso on netbook?

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Hello, I have a netbook with win7. How can I create an iso from a playlist that I've arranged with windows media player?
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You should be more clear. I assume you want to make an iso file instead or burning a disk. I am not all that familiar with WMP since it is not very useful. I used it many yrs ago before I knew what I was doing. While many audio managers will let you you that, I do not think you have that option with WMP. Either you switch over to am more robust audio manager, aquire an app that will 'look like' a burner but will create an iso file or just burn the disk and copy that to an iso file.
I have a netbook that doesn't have room for a cd/dvd burner. I make playlists using windows media player. I also use windows movie maker on my netbook that doesn't have an optical drive. With videos that i've edited with windows movie maker it lets me export everything from the clips to the transitions and to the music tracks all to a single file that I can then use to transfer out of my netbook and onto another pc for me to burn on an actual disc.

How can I create an image file out of the windows media player playlist that I have made without losing the arrangement of the songs to later be transferred out of my netbook and on another pc to be burned to a disc?
Your query is clear my last answer still stands.

What I suggest is to get Media Monkey. I would do so using the link I provided in the top sticky. The cnet link does not force you to install a search bar as the Media Monkey site does. It will load all your tunes into its database during the install. Then import the play list you wish to export into Media Monkey. Send that play list to a virtual disk. Then you can copy that folder to any device. That will contain a new playlist and tunes with relitive file locations as if it was an mp3 CD. This can then be burned to a CD/DVD using imgburn using a PC that has a burner.
Thanks mez, especially since you were the only one who tried to help. I figured out another route. So with wmp I can save the playlist as .m3u and with that I open nero express and add the playlist and burn to nero's image recorder. I looked up media monkey and it does look like a nice program but I think I just figured out a way to create .iso files without adding more software. and btw if anyone also uses itunes then you can also load your itunes playlist into nero and burning that to an .iso file while still keeping the same order of all the songs in the playlist.
There is so little traffic here not many members even check it out on a regular basis. This was a big week with 2 new queries. I just heartily dislike Nero and uninstall it from a new computer if it came with the computer. I find it and all of its suite of apps very marginal. I prefer to only use apps that are 100% reliable. I used to burn lots of video disks. Optimized Nero would produce a 'coaster' (not usable disk) about 10% of the time vs imgburn at maybe 1 in 1000. Granted the DVD player I was using at that time was not as robust as the one we have now. That would skip or die at any minor imperfection. There have been more queries about Nero problems on this forum and any other software.
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