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Trouble burning to Verbatim CD-R

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Hi There Everybody-

I have been having a problem burning some data to a Verbatim CD-R. I have 6 files that are mp4 format, and want to just burn them to CD,,you know,,,so that they can be archived. but when the burning reaches anywhere from 30% to 50%, I get a message that states that an error has occurred, and that the disk is not able to be burned to.

I have tried "record now" , Free Studio, and CD Burner XP. and I get the same message from each one.

Can anybody suggest what might be causing this ??

I'm using Verbatim CD-R 700mb, 52x, 80min, 100 spindle pack.

Thanks for taking the time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely- Doug
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Try ImGBurn and post the log file ('Help' > 'ImgBurn logs').
You can also click 'Tools' > 'Drive' > 'Check for firmware updates'

Do you know if it burns DVD's OK?
Hi There-

I found that If I moved the folder that the software was burning from off the desktop to a sub folder in My Documents/My Videos, It burned the disks just fine. Not quite sure why the data and the burner needs to be in two different location, but it worked. Thanks for the advise and I will also look into the firmware updates. No you mention that the path is Tools>Drive, but I'm not sure where that is.

Could you direct me to where I can find that I would really appreciate it.

Thanks- Doug
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