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120HZ TV = dropped frames?

So I currently have my PC hooked up to a TV with a 120HZ smoothing feature. Overall the picture looks great, and it runs most sources smoothly (X360, cable tv, etc.). But whenever I play a video on my PC, there tends to be frames dropped. It does seem to vary depending on the video, but in all cases it seems pretty consistent (usually between 8-10 seconds apart). I did a but of research, and I'm not really sure what all the tech-talk explanations mean, but a lot of people recommend to change the refresh rate on the PC to a lower setting. Some people recommend 24HZ, but that destroys my framerate. I had better luck with some settings, but when it's not on max settings, I definitely lose a lot of the smoothness I get from the 120HZ on the TV, which is a shame. A lot of people also recommend taking the TV on off 'cinema mode', which helped a lot, but didn't completely fix the issue.
Is there a way to fix this without losing the fluidity I get from the 120HZ smoothing feature? Could the quality of the video rip play a factor? As I said, it seems worse in some videos than others.
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