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3D Movies (in theater) Blurry when panning

Well, the title says it all. I was discussing with my friend that most theaters seem to have projectors that have a poor framerate. We went to see the Hobbit in imax 3D HFR, and it seems to me that the HFR source material and the actual output FPS are two different matters. My friend thinks that because the movie is in 3D, the blur is because my eyes aren't focusing (can't focus) when things are in constant motion. I don't know if I buy this- it happened in entirely 2D scenes, and I know when my eyes are focused and when they are not on the screen- and they were pretty damn focused- I say it's the movie that becomes blurry. Moreover I've seen this happen in 2D movies, I believe. Some movies have it worse than others, and different theaters showing the same movie have varying levels of framerate/blur issues, in my experience.

Most of the movie seemed smooth, but in sequences with panning, even entirely rendered sequences (aka panning over a digitally rendered paper map, no film footage anywhere in the frame), the entire screen, most notably around the edges of objects and text, becomes blurry.

I wonder if it's not some sort of accidental interlacing with the way 3D polarization works? Does anyone know what I'm talking about and why this happens? Is it a technical issue that has nothing to do with 3D even?


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