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change aspect ratio in an mpg file

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I have started recording from the s-video output of my HDTV cable box. The signal is analog at 16:9 ratio. My recording software marks the file as being 4:3. Is there a way to change the info in the file without converting the entire file (from mpg to mpg), as I am currently doing? It's not only a waste of time, about 20 min. to covert an hour, but there is a slight loss of quality. Hopefully there is program somewhere which can modify the file header.
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If it's in DVD Movie format, try modifying the .IFO file.

If it's a single .mpg file, use DVD Patcher.

These settings are for a 720x480 NTSC source file that was flagged as 4:3, resetting flags to 16:9.

If its a single .mpg file, use DVD Patcher.

This looks like exactly what I need. Will try it out on my next recording, in a day or two. Thanks.
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