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Hi Members,

I've beent rying to find sites that provides freed movie downloads,
like "2016". I heard it's free download, but from my view, isn't
there one that's already in DVD format??? Like AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS
folders that can be downlaod and allow me to burn it onto a blank DVD???

Just like the DVD movies you buy or rent, and has Closed Captioned.

Most of the free downloads of "2016" I saw are MP4 and AVI.
That's NOT a DVD format ready to burn.

I would NOT want to have to create a DVD format from these AVI or MP4 format.
I'm looking for the one that's the same format as you rent or buy one at stores.

Anyone knows???

Thank you,
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Most DVD players will play AVI or MP4 format,so what is the big deal.You can also use an AVI to DVD converter then burn it to a DVD.

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The big deal is the movie should be just the way it was made
for DVD, and not have to be DVDRip.

I would like to see the DVD movie that hss menu itself, and
some DVD movies do have Closed Captioned for the deaf-hearing
impaired, like myself.

But doing DVDRip, it sounds like someone has the orginial DVD movie,
rip it as in AVI or MP4, why not rip to the same format the way
the movie eas made in the first place, AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders.

If I want to share my DVD movive, I wouldn't use DVDRip.
I would upload the way it is.

That's your answer to what's the big deal. Smile, :-))))
Originally posted by ECruz'N:
The big deal is the movie should be just the way it was made
for DVD, and not have to be DVDRip.

Says who?!?! YOU?!!? LOL!!!!

Don't want to be rude but you have no idea what your on about.
Firstly DVD movies are outdated, no one gets or downloads DVD movies/quality movies these days anymore (most get bluray rip movies/quality).

As for the "the should be uploaded the way dvds are made originally" why would I want to get a DVD movie which is 4.3 GBs when I can get it at 870 mbs size without the crap of extra warnings and extra footage.

Most people just want the movie and that's it, If you want the whole dvd then go to a shop buy it or borrow it and copy it. As simple as that.

No one in their right mind would want to upload a full dvd.

Good luck trying to find anyone because as I know of no one in their right mind would do it and like I said these days bluray rips are the way to go.

Sorry about being hearing impared but your best bet is to either buy the DVD or get it from the shop and copy it, no other way around it I am afraid.
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Vato, dvd movies are not outdated. Not everyone either has or can afford a blueray player. Dvd rips are still fine for MOST of the public out there.

As for your comment of not wanting a dvd movie which is 4.3gb's, depending on the movie, a full disk rip (uncompressed) can be upwards of 8gb's. In fact, I have seen some blueray rips that were in excess of 7gb, and it just contained the movie, no extras.

I have also seen some full dvd rips, that included all the extras (warnings, special features, trailers, bonus segments), there weren't that many of them, but they are out there.

As for close captioning, there are plenty of sites that have subtitles that can be added to the movie with just a few clicks. Just do a search for movie subtitles, and you will see a few sites you can download the subtitles from.


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