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I use real player to download movies, WIN AVI to convert and Ashampoo to burn. I have been doing this "forever" and now I'm getting an error "video codecs not supported" I have installed the latest codecs and am still getting this error. The old movies I have on my computer are reading fine in all my players. I have 3 different dvd players and all say the same error. I want to be able to burn avi movies as i like getting whole episodes on one disc. Please help.
Thanks Connie05

Hi JST1946,
Thanks for that. I loaded vlc, no change. i loaded GSPOT and It came up with an error so i loaded XVid, Xp-codec-pack and I had already loaded K-Lite mega with the update. Gspot then showed it was ok but it still wont play on my dvd players. Same error.
Any more Ideas please Im ganna pull my hair out soon lol,
Thanks Connie
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Here are all the codecs you would ever need to play just about anything.You can also use the VLC media player that will play just about any type of audio or video file.

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