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editing dvd's and burning files for free

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OK a while back i used to use nero to rip, crop out the adverts, and burn programs and films from my (TV dvd recorder dvd+rw) to a dvd-r via XP, im a windows 7 user now and that program is not compatible with my windows 7 64bit pc, is there a free program that does this out there? and is it watch-able on a TV or blocky as ****

please help


I have Magic DVD Ripper and Burner
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Only free way I know is using DVD Shrink.
After ripping the VIDEO_TS folder to the HDD, run DVD Shrink and open it.
Select Re-author.
Drag Title 1 from the right to left pane.
Click the arrow thingy to slect the first section you want to keep.
Repeat dragging Title 1 and select the second part - repeat as required.
Click Backup and save to a new folder and, if ImgBurn is installed, burn a new disk.

Because the saved segments are now different titles, there is a slight pause between playback of the titles due to the DVD player head moving to find it.

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