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flv out of sync file help

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i have about 10 flv files that out of sync..or sort of....ok when i open these files they start off from the beginning in and video is perfect and they matchup but the longer the file plays the more and more the video starts to lag and the audio and sound get out of the time the file gets to the end its way out of sync.....can someone explain to me step by step how to fix this?...i have been searching the internet for about 8 straight hours and no luck!....i have found a few programs to use but the pages i got them from don't really explain step by step on how to do this can someone tell me the best program to use and walk me thru it step by step on how to fix a flv file that starts to lag/out of sync....thanks
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Have you tried playing them using VLC or MPC.
Originally posted by attar:
Have you tried playing them using VLC or MPC.

i heard with vlc player you can't save your progress and what is MPC?...any guides on how to use these programs?
They are both media players.
Ten files out of sync is odd unless the player is not reading the index properly.

What you describe is like the audio is shorter than the video, thus it runs out of audio before the video finishes - not likely in ten different files.
If that's the case, you would have to demux the audio and stretch it to the same time as the video then mux them back together.
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