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how to play xvid file larger than 2gb

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hello guys. i have a problem with large xvid files.hope u can help me. i take a video movie - than i put subtitle on it.
their is no problem of putting the subtitle. when i use nero programm it sais that more than 2gb file will not be able to read on non windows hardware. and indeed i cant play it on my dvd that conected to a tv screen. how can i solve this problem. i have tried virtualdub splitting but its not working - i can hear only audio. ill try it again but do u have another option to do or explain to me why the dvd cannot read this file size?
thanxs a lot\
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Is this a DVD movie that has been converted to AVI?
What is the size of the file?
Use MediaInfo to open the file.
Use the 'Text' view and paste the information here.
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