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Split MKV into Multiple MKV's

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Hey all,

I have an MKV file that i want to split into 16 MKV's
Every splitting program i find seems to only let me split it once, meaning i would have to manually do this 16 times

Is there any Program (Maybe MKVToolNix?) that would let me just make a small script file with 16 different start to finish timecodes and have it read that and split the mkv?
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Global > Enable splitting.. > After timecodes..

Thanks for the help, it took me a while to figure out how to format it but i managed to get it working in milliseconds
eg: 00:00:03.337,00:00:33.401,00:00:48.382,00:01:02.964
cheers attar :D
okay this just is not working for me

i have about 50 mp4/mkv files each going for about 10 minutes
with 20 adverts in each video

im trying to split them into seperate adverts but im having no luck wit it
the time codes i get dont work properly, either they split at the wrong part or say the formatting is wrong.

Can someone please tell me if there is such a program that will just notice a 1-2 second gap of black frames and split the video based on them?
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