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This might be the wrong place for this, but here I GO..

'i have a 'wd' meadea player which uses usb hd, and i do this, but i would like to run all my 'av' files from my computer insted of putting on the usb drive and then hooking it up to the meadea player.
cna i hook up the meadea player to the computer (by the way of usb cable)and run it like that,and play my av files from there? I have two other hd's with av's on them and i would like to run a usb cable from my meadea player to my computer (in the other room) 10ft away and play the files from there and i just didn't know if the player could do it..
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I doubt the media player could access an internal drive on the PC (although the second generation 'WD Live' player has a network connection that can access a shared drive).
With the first generation WD TV boxes you could possibly extend the usb connection to an external drive adjacent to the PC, where you could switch connections to update the contents of the HDD then switch it back to the media player (subject to the length restrictions for USB 2.
with the "WD Live", ok i'll look into it.
Is there a External hard drive that has (2) two USB out ports! or something like that, do you know?
No an external HD has a plug.
'Devices', like PC's and Media players, have receptacles.
The usb cable coming from the HDD would be looking for a receptacle, thus the usb cable extending to the media player would have a female (receptacle) at on end and a male plug at the other.
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