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transfer sound from one avi to another

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I don't know if I am in the correct place or not, but I have always gotten great help here.
My son downloaded some avi's that were created from bluray, but have 2 channel audio.
I have created an avi from a regular dvd that has 6 channel audio.
Is it possible to remove the sound from the avi that was created from bluray and replace it with the audio from the avi that was created from the regular dvd?
The picture quality from the bluray is much better.
But my sound from the regular dvd rip is the best.
Can you help me please?
Thank you
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Try VirtualDub.
Load avi with 6 channels, then:
File > Export > Raw audio.
Save it with .ac3 instead of .bin.

Close and restart VirtualDub.
Load avi with 2 channels, then.
Video > Direct stream copy.
Audio > Audio from another file -select the .ac3 file.
File > save as AVI.

This assumes that the audio files are identical in length (DVD and BluRay have identical video content and running time)- else it will be hopelessly out of sync.
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I will try it. Thank you
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