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Hi, I hope that this is the correct forum. For whatever reason I'm having a problem copying a DVD to my computer. Its not copyrighted so from what I understand it should be straight forward; just explore the disc, copy the VIDEO_TS folder to the corresponding folding on my desktop, and it would be complete. The video is pictures of my dog that passed away with music in the background that I created with Roxio and burned it onto a DVD. I am simply attempting to put it on my computer so i can upload it to YouTube and Facebook and such. When I do the process above and copy the VIDEO_TS and try to copy it I get the following error:

Cannot copy VTS_02_1: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

I attempted to search Google for the error but was unsuccessful. I greatly appreciate any and all help anyone provides. If it would be easier for someone to see how and what happens I would be willing to use team viewer. Thank you again for assisting me with this matter!
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Try 3 or 4 more files in the folder selecting each individually include one from the middle of the set & near the end,if same error occurs & you don't have a secondary dvd drive try another computer if same error shows disc is likely corrupt

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- also, may want to try the old DVD Decrypter to rip the disk.
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