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I have a home video of my father and I that i am going to put a song to for xmas. There are 2 issues. First is I want to lift the audio out of the video like all our dialogue etc so its just the video and the song. Secondly my mother had set the camera down for a 2.5 minute interval so all you see is the ground and leaves so I want to cut that portion out of the middle and mesh the two pieces seamlessly. I have Roxio Creator 2010 but the only trimming feature it has allows me to set the beginning and the end but not cut a section out of the middle. I believe I have access to Sony Vegas or if there's any other downloadable program that works best I'm open to anything. Thank you all in advance for any help you supply. Thanks again!
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Depending on the type, AviDemux lets you edit video and load an external audio.
Is there a step by step on how to remove just some audio off the end? I have vegas 7.0 and downloaded avidemux as you suggested. Im sure its right in front of me but i can figure it out. Thanks in advance for any help!
What type of video is this?
Is it AVI, DVD??
Originally posted by attar:
What type of video is this?
Is it AVI, DVD??
It is an MP4 file. I don't have a good size hard drive so I loaded them onto youtube and set them to private. So now that I'm getting ready to edit them I pulled them off and they are pulled off as MP4.
Post at the Videohelp site with all the information you have.
I doubt AviDemux will easily do it.
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