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How can a transfer photos from a DVD to my pc?

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Ok, i'm sorry if I put this in the wrong forum but I thought since my file only opens in DivX this is the best place.

Basically i'm having difficulty, i'm not sure if the photographer has deliberately done this but here's the issue.

I have about 400 pictures that have been put on DVD for me to view. When I open the DVD, I get a list of .VOB files, I can only view these as a video for some reason, so it's like a slide show with music in the back. I'm wondering if I can download my photos like normal, get the original photos in original sizes to edit, crop and so on?

I'd really appreciate if I could get some advice on this, i'm so stuck =[
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since my file only opens in DivX
When I open the DVD, I get a list of .VOB files,
There's a contradiction here, is it a DivX file or a DVD Slideshow (VOB, IFO, etc).

If it's a DVD Slideshow composed of 400 pictures, there may be 100 instances of each one on the DVD (400x100 = 40000 pics - and that doesn't include the dissolves and wipes between each slide).

You can probably use the like of VirtualDub, with the Mpeg2 plugin, to load the VOB files then export the images to a folder (if you forget to save to a folder, you will have one large mess on your hands if you saved them to the Desktop).

At that point you would either go through the images with the likes of IrfanView to pick out and save the files you need - better would be to get a duplicate file finder to eliminate the 99 pics per image that you don't need - and I don't know how it would work because the images are likely to be all the same size.
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