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how to convert ISO to XVID easily?

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i have a bunch of ISO files on my computer that i would like to rip to divx/xvid

iv tried fair use wizard and even with the tutorial its too much hands on

what i have been doing is mounting the iso via daemon tools
using dvd decrypter and ripping it using the ifo mode
then using auto gk inputting the file and creating an output file name adding it to the job queue and setting the next one up (once the settings are set in auto gk i dont need to change them) and can add the next 1 to the queue easily, fair use is just weird

now i have worked out how to streamline this process further by using "extract now" which is a gui for batch extracting that uses winrar or 7zip im guessing

so now i can batch extract my isos all to the folders saving the time of re ripping in ifo mode (set and forget)

then adding the files to autogk is the same as b4
so thats all easy enough but is there an easier way?

what im looking for is something that i can add the isos to, it auto extracts them finds the correct vob file and creates the output filename from the iso or the folder name the file was located instead of how autogk uses the vob filename
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dvd fab is so simple to use and rips them nicely.
see the post above mine for the link.
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