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3GP Video only shows black screen

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i recently came back from 2 weeks vacation in france were my gf shot video of me taking
a ride at the amusement park with my HTC desire phone.
somehow she messed up the filming and the file will open in VLC mediaplayer but
only shows a black screen when playing and no audio.
i checked the file with mediainfo and there is only info about filesize there.

My question is,
is there a way to recover this videofile?
i realize im missing some metadata or something and i might have to learn alot of stuff to maybe try to recover this file.
I am really dedicated towards fixing this file if there is a way and any help would be

i tried "All mediafixer" and alot of different converters to try to convert it to a avi file so i can run it in DIVfix++ but no luck yet.

please, i just need a pointer to what software to download and learn or if there at all is a way to fix this.
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