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A Video mess!

Ok here's the deal. I have Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and I just reformatted after installing a larger hard drive to accommodate all of my video files (3TB). Well I ran into a few problems when transferring the video files from the old to the new disk. Basically I lost around roughly 200 or so avi's and MPEG 4's.

But I got a bright idea and installed PC Tools File Recover, and it took all day but I was able to get almost all of them back from the original disk. Thing is now, some of them seem a little messed up and they all do not have their original file names so it's going to be a long process renaming them, if I can get them to work.

There are two types of files listed that I recovered. One says "Deleted AVI movie" and then a number after that. The other says "Deleted MPE"G (MPEG 4 I think) with a number after it.

Now WMP was playing AVI's back fine until I tried opening up some of these files and it's weird. When I try to open the AVI with WMP it most play fine, and still looks good. When I try to open them with MPC I get a DirectX 10 error message and I am running DX11...I checked.

Also neither WMP or MPC can open the MPEG file. But what's weird is that I don't know how all of these files got turned into MPEG's

By the way, just so you know...I am running the Shark007 codecs. Don't know if a run through on some sort of decent video convertor will help or not...Any ideas?
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