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BDP-S185 DVD+R playback

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I am in the process of converting my VHS tapes to DVD. I created a DVD+R with the converted video, and the .VOB files show up in Windows Explorer.

The DVD+R plays fine on a cheap, older Phillips DVD player, but the Sony BDP-S185 Bluray player does not recognize the disc. The player is listed as being DVD+R compatible.

I burned the disc using the VHS to DVD software (Honestech VHS to DVD Deluxe 5.0, and with CDBurnerXP, but both attempts failed).

Is there any way to burn the DVD+R so that it could playback on the Sony Bluray player?

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When you dubbed the VHS to DVD did you FINALIZE the recording? If you did not, they probably will not play on a different player. Also, what brand of +R disc did you use? Use a quality brand. Some players are picky about the disc they will accept. Try your existing disc on another player to see what happens. If the disc works on one stand alone player, but not another you can be fairly certain it is a "brand" issue and not your procedure.
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