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Can't play HD 720p or 1080p videos properly on PC?

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Hi there, I have a few HD 720p videos with high resolution. The problem is that I can't play them properly on any player on my PC. Sometimes the sound plays while the video 'freezes'. My PC's resolution is 1024x768. Could this be the problem? If yes, then how can I resolve it? Also my video card is of 64MB. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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What is your CPU and how much RAM do you have ?
Based on what you said so far, your PC may be too low spec to play the HD.
Dude I have Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz CPU with 768MB RAM. I know it is impossible to play full HD 1080p, but can I just play 720p by doing some hardware or software modification?
What are the least requirements to play 720p perfectly?

There are some HW based encoding technology such as
DXVA and CUDA. Certain products such as MPC-HC and the
CoreAVC codec will use them, but only if you have the right video card and drivers.

Open the task manager when the 720p video is playing and look at the
process tab. Is the media player using almost 100% cpu ?

My guess is that it is close, and you'll be out of luck on this one.
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