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cannot play mp4 video after recovery

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I deleted my mp4 files from a sd. After being recovered, no current players can play them, VLC, Real, DIVX, AVS, etc.. I tried conversion too. Everytime the message is" cannot open. file format error". They were filmed during my last trip to Europe, so I really need your help to have them back.
Thank you all.
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What software did you use to "recover" those files? (So that I will know to avoid it, because it must have done a real poor job!)

Best thing to do is to make an image of your ENTIRE RAW SD card, and send it to a professional recovery service. (If it is just an "SD card" it isn't too big right?) Do not write ANYTHING to that SD card; every write operation risks further damaging files that may still be recoverable in the proper hands.

Second best thing is to try recovery with a program like R-Studio. It has some "knowledge" of file formats and newer releases may have a better chance at recovering MP4 files. This software is far from perfect though.
I guess you are experiencing such kind of problem as your MP4 video files has corrupt to severe level. As a result of which you loose access from it and throws annoying error messages. As per the error message if you have formatted the storage media and dont have an immediate backup to restore the lost data back it is recommended to opt for a reliable Photo Recovery software.
As you already got your MP4 file back, it’s better to use a repair tool. “Remo repair MOV tool” is the best among those repair utilities. You can get more information on Google.
Well, Deletion of photos & important data from the cell phone has become one of the common problem. My friend David also suffers a lot when he accidentally deleted all his mp4 videos from his smart phone. He tried various steps to get those data back but he fails to do that. Luckily, One day he came to know about mp4 Recovery Software by which he is able retrieve all his video file back. Therefore, try it and get your problem solved.

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