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Deleting in mpc

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I've tried searching for more relevant forums to post in but short of emailing the developers directly I'm not sure what to do now.

I create a lot of video files in my work and use MPC to open them. As I only need a fraction of the videos from each (large) set I'd like to be able delete them from within MPC withour having to use explorer but there doesn't appear to be a key binding to delete the file. I made a keyboard macro but it was very unreliable. Does anyone know how to do this or know of a program that will do this. Note that I've tried VLC and it doesn't play the files correctly.

Thanks for any advice you might have!
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Will the videos play in WMP ? If they do, you can add them to the library, and there you have the option to delete them from HDD.

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Thanks cyprusrom,

Yes they will (I think I need a codec though). I've just seen that it's possible to seek in WMP too. Has it always been able to do that!? I thought that was why I needed a different program in the first place! Oh well, cheers for the help!

Apparently it might be possible in MPlayer too but I can't see the option anywhere. Perhaps it's the GUI I have for it?

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