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Hanna MKV Freezes during playback on Sony BDP-S580

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Hey everyone,
New to the site and watned to see if anyone has come across this issue.

I've been backing up my blu ray collection with MakeMKV. These are full blu ray rips preserving the video, HD audio, core audio and usually the English subs. I've done a few MKVs that have played flawlessly with no issues. I'm playing these files from my 2TB HDD via USB to my Sony BDP-S580 player. But for some reason the movie Hanna is freezing @ high bitrate audio parts (5Mpbs+), I have to unplug my player to get it to reset. I've tried fast forwarding thru the scene where it freezes and plays fine until another high bitrate audio parts plays and freezes again. These high bitrate scense are using when a gun is fired. Now if I switch to the core lossy audio track plays perfect, no freezing or issues. So i guess i'm wondering if this is something with the MKV file or the player? I thought it might have to do with header compression so I remuxed the MKV file with MKVtoolnix and selecting "none" for compression on each track (audio/video) but didn't help.

Any feedback would help.

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Same problem for me on a BDPS480 (when creating uncompressed mkv's with DTS-HD MA audio), or audio hardly working (input indicators on my Denon 3311 are flashing and audio is skipping more than it's playing).

The solution I found is to remux it to a .m2ts file (using tsmuxer). That way all movies play fine with high bitrates. Problem I have with .m2ts is that I can't get subtitles to work (and that's a rather big issue for me as my english is not very good).

So, if anyone else has a better solution...

So actually, if you have a rather simple blu ray structure (like a concert) you can just copy the main movie file (like BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts) to your USB-drive and it will play just fine. Just without any subs...
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