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"No suitable splitter was found" msg on RadLight while trying to play mp4

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I am using RadLight 4 to play videos as it's my favorite program. From
I have installed quicktime, ffdshow and just installed RadLight but I get the msg while opening file on RadLight:
# RLGB error : No suitable splitter was found

The file opens fine on WMP.
Mediainfo gives the following info about the video content in case you need it:
AVC (High@L4.0)(CABAC/5 Ref Frames)

I have tried enabling and disabling codec H.264 on ffdshow but same results, I can even play it on WMP with the codec disabled on ffdshow I believe it's due to having quicktime, there is some graph build needed or some "Source and Splitter filter configuration" to configure here is a screenshot:

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ffdshow > Video decoder configuration, is H264/AVC enabled?
Originally posted by attar:
ffdshow > Video decoder configuration, is H264/AVC enabled?
yes it's enabled that's not the problem, it can play fine on WMP I'm sure it's one of the problems mentioned on my post about the graph builder or the spliter source configuration.
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