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Okay so this is my first time using this converter and im already have some problems with it... I am currently converting a movie (titanic) and it was going smoothly until it stops at 30%... the first time it happened i thought the program froze so i closed it and started the converting process again then it stops again at 30% this time i was going to let it sit until it hopefully moves again but if it doesnt i have no idea what to do. The movie works fine on itunes but it does not work on my ipod it says that "the movie can not be played on my ipod"
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Try SUPER converter, it has a few presets which may be of use to you.


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In just a few clicks, the iPod Video Converter can begin to re-encode your AVI or MPEG files to high-quality formats your iPod can play. It converts your video clips to either of the high-quality MPEG4 or H264 formats that are playable on a 5th-generation iPod, a 6th generation iPod Classic, a 3rd generation iPod Nano, or a first-gen iPhone or iPod Touch. iPod Video Converter also adds any converted files to your iTunes library, for easy repeat viewing.
And here is the user guide for the program:
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