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WMP plays HD content better than MPC. How come?

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I've a Dell XPS m1530 Laptop with a GeForce 8400M GS running Windows Vista Home edition that I use to watch films on my TV. It works fine but the Media Classic Player has always played HD content very badly. So badly that I normally play it in Windows Media Player 11, which works fine.

Could any one suggest why this is and how I could fix it? I've the latest Klite Mega Codec pack installed and this seems to make no difference.

I'm assuming each player is using a different codec so I think I'd like to know how to make the MPC use the h264 codec that the WMP is using. But I'm not an expert.

Any help appreciated
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Originally posted by Thratchen:
It works fine but the Media Classic Player has always played HD content very badly. So badly that I normally play it in Windows Media Player 11, which works fine.

have you tried media player classic home cinema? latest version here. choose 32/64 bit version as you need it (portable version also available):

as far as i know, windows media player does not play any HD file by default unless the format is WMV. to play all HD files in WMP (or any player thereafter), you need codec packages like k-lite. since you are able to play HD in WMP, i am assuming either they are WMV files, or you are able to play as you have k-lite.
it is likely that you might have installed multiple codec packages which might have created some compatibility issue with MPC. remember, installing multiple codec packages is always dangerous if you don't know exactly what you are doing.

the good thing about MPC-HC is that like VLC, it uses its own codec package or can also use external codecs if you "configure". so compatibility issues are less here.
I agree with mukhis, but I would go with the 32-bit version of MPC-HC regardless of your Windows version, as older codecs will work with it (such as Real Alternative Lite, QT Lite, etc).

It has built-in support for HD video playback, and has more features to set up a HTPC. Only thing that sucks is that you need ffdshow for LFE and optical usage, where VLC has that native in it.

If Im online, Im usually on Steam:
This is about the codecs that you have available to MPC,

I believe that you can check on the web site to see about additional codecs that might enhance MPC.
Like making sure that you have a MPEG-2 codec, etc.

MPC-HC already has built-in support for MPEG-2 and MPEG4 Part 10 (AVC) already, plus it has more OSD features and the ability to auto-play the next file in a folder, as well as options to remember the position of DVDs and regular files so you can get back to them where you left off.

Gabast has stopped updating the original Media Player Classic, but MPC-HC is being constantly updated with his consent, so it's the better choice for newer formats and features. I would recommend the 32-bit version as there are more codecs that support 32-bit players, and the fact that there's almost no difference in performance between the 64- or 32-bit versions (although in my experience, the 64-bit version was slower when I tested it).
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